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Beefalo Grill Basket Stew

Beefalo meets its roots – Grill Basket Stew

Today we look at Beefalo’s roots. No, not the genetic roots of Beefalo (we’ll leave that to our friends at Flight Path Farms to discuss), we’re talking about its roots – potatoes, carrots, & onions. These are the wonderful fresh compliments to Beefalo that keep it grounded in this wholesome summertime favorite. Grill Basket Stew Ingredients 1.5 pounds Beefalo tenderloin …

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Beefalo Burger with Pimento Cheese and Tobasco Onions

Beefalo Burger with Pimento Cheese Spread

An excellent Beefalo Burger recipe…and one that we just can’t share.  Why not? Well, this is an exclusive recipe. All we know is that it starts with Heartland Beefalo then gets a great deal of LOVE from the chefs at The Rail Burger in Akron, Ohio – where they add pimento cheese spread, tabasco onions, and other secret ingredients. We …

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